[GET] WP Central Hub 2.0 Review & Download

[WP Plugin Dimesale] The Amazing New Content Management Plugin That Saves You Time + Money!


I just got news on the launch of a totally unique plugin that will save you both time and money.

If you are an affiliate marketer, web designer, PBN builder or site flipper and create multiple WordPress installations, it is important to find a solution that has the capacity to replicate the functionality and look of your sites easily, and in the quickest possible time…and this is where WP Central Hub 2.0comes into its own.

This tool does away with the arduous task of logging into dozens of seperate wp-admins one log-in gives you access to all of your sites from one central location.

It has many other features but a particularly awesome feature is the ability to write posts/pages on all of your sites from the central HUB…it also leaves no footprint!

Some of the most notable features include:

  • No footprint whatsoever
  • 100% secure authentication
  • Add/edit or delete links centrally
  • Add/edit or delete users centrally
  • Add/update or delete plugins centrally
  • Add/update or delete themes centrally
  • Add/edit or delete post/pages centrally

This is the only content management system that allows all of the above functions and more to occur from one, central location: the Central Hub.

The developers have this on a crazy low price at the moment but it is also on a dimesale, so if you want the best price i would head over now to get it…you’ll thank me for saving you time, money and even your sanity!

> Download WP Central Hub 2.0

[GET] WP Central Hub 2.0 Review & Download